Foundation Issues 101

Unfortunately, foundation movement is not an unusual occurrence in North Texas. The foundation supported by the soil is continuously moving up & down and is actually designed to withstand this movement. The problem is when one or more segments does not move together with the rest of the structure. Even so most people are not familiar with the reasons and or signs of foundation movement & what if anything can or should be done to remedy this movement.



Signs of possible foundation movement:


Cracks in sheetrock over doors & windows
Wrinkling or separating sheetrock tape
Nails popping out of sheetrock
Doors that stick or won't close properly
Doors out of square (have an uneven gap at the top)
Torn wallpaper
Buckled wood floors or paneling
Cracks in concrete floors
Noticeable Sloping floors



Cracks in the brick & mortar
Brick or siding separating from windows or doors
Separation of the frieze boards
Chimney pulling away or shifting


Causes of possible foundation movement:

Very active expansive clay soil (when wet it expands & when dry it shrinks)
Trees & or large shrubs growing too close to structure
Improper drainage
Lack of water in supporting soils
Guttering & downspouts not present or placed improperly
Plumbing leaks


What can I do lesson the possibility of foundation movement or failure:

Maintain a consistent moisture content of the supporting soils using sprinklers, soaker hoses, or other irrigation systems
Assure that water does not pond around foundation using guttering & downspouts, regrading of soils, or installation of a drain
Ensure that both the sewer & freshwater plumbing lines are not leaking & immediately repair any leaks
Remove large shrubs or trees that are too close to structure or install a root barrier
Support the foundation through the installation of piers